Proper Disposal & Recycling

Posted By on March 22, 2019

  • DO NOT deposit boxes or any other oversized items into the trash chutes.
    • These items can clog the chute which causes damage, danger, and can result in fines associated with these concerns.
    • If an item does not easily fall through the trash chute door and into the chute, DO NOT push or otherwise force it in.



TRASH can be disposed of 7am-11pm daily in the trash chutes or taken to the blue trash bin on P1.


RECYCLABLES including cardboard boxes should be broken down and placed in the 3 white recyclable bins on each garage level.


  • Residents are responsible for picking up their trash if it is spilled, blown or otherwise deposited onto a common area, and disposing of it in a proper container or receptacle.



Collapsed boxes, newspapers, envelopes, paper bags, magazines, drink cans, glass food & beverage bottles/jars (i.e. wine/beer bottles & pickle jars), plastic bottles, dairy tubs, etc.



Plastic bags, Styrofoam, wax cardboard, ice cream containers, light bulbs, diapers, window glass, mirrors, wax paper, ceramics, newspaper delivery bags, food–soiled paper, microwaveable food trays, plastic motor oil containers.

  • OVERSIZED ITEMS can be disposed with a scheduled pick up and associated charge ($). DO NOT leave unapproved items next to recycle and trash receptacles. Please contact management to arrange disposal.


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