Reminder of (Furniture/Appliance) Delivery Procedures

Posted By on September 25, 2020

A resident can use the padded elevator at any time (available 24 hours a day) but a resident’s insured vendor can only use the elevator during vendor hours: 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. (Please ask the front desk or Management if you’re not familiar with the insurance requirements for vendors.)

Whenever a resident has a (unreserved padded elevator) delivery or vendor requiring equipment, the association always requires residents to (1) have their vendor check in, (2) resident or vendor to place down carpet protection, and (3) to escort that delivery person on and off the property as they are essentially a “guest” that the resident is responsible for.

Unreserved Padded Elevator Usage:

Our move policy mandates that a resident is limited to using the padded elevator to twice a day (one trip is considered both up and down). A resident can use the padded elevator at any time (available 24 hours a day) but a resident’s insured vendor can only use the elevator from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. Unreserved usage is not committed to a vendor’s exclusive use. It must be shared will all vendors in need of the elevator. We appreciate still knowing in advance if you will be using the padded elevator for deliveries even if it is just one or two trips, as it can get very busy and we like to be able to anticipate our day and accommodate parking when we can. Anytime the padded elevator is to be used more than twice a day this requires “reserved usage” or a “move” that must be scheduled with management for a date Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm. 

“Move” – Reserved Padded Elevator Usage Monday-Friday 8am-5pm:

The $650 move fee listed in the requirements below covers hiring guards for the first 4 hours of both the move in and eventual move out. Should the move take more than 4 hours or should the resident need to book the elevator for more than 2 trips on  another day this would require additional payment ($300 for 4 hour minimum, $100/hr. thereafter). When Move Coordinators are hired for a move they place down the necessary carpet protection for you and ensure that the vendors responsibly move items in and out of the building. These Coordinators and “moves” require reservations with management which scheduling (or changes) will need to be made with at least 48hrs advance or additional fees may apply.

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