In-Unit HVAC Inspections – Ongoing (Completed Floors 39-24)

Posted By on December 4, 2020

HVAC Inspection is AN OPTIONAL SERVICE this year due to public health concerns and the risk of transmission/spread of certain infectious diseases (COVID-19).

Homeowners have the OPTION to Opt-Out of/decline the 2020 CC&R required annual HVAC inspection service by filling out & returning the form titled HVAC Maintenance Agreement/Release beginning page 3 of HVAC PDF.

Homeowners or residents have the OPTION to consent to receive the inspection, by completing page 2 of the HVAC PDF providing information if they will be home or if they would like an emergency key to be used to access the unit for the In-Unit HVAC inspection service.

Should you choose to consent to this service, it will take place over a 3-4  week period beginning November 30th and will be scheduled from the top of the building down to the bottom floors over those weeks. This service should take 20-30 minutes per HVAC unit. The vendor will be wearing booties, gloves and a mask. For this service, the vendor will need access to the water source heat pump (HVAC Unit) located in one of your unit closets. Please make sure this area is thoroughly cleaned out prior to your scheduled service so the technician has full access to the unit to complete the agreed upon services. After the service is complete, the vendor/Management will be sending a follow up inspection summary with recommendations for repair if noted.

If you are uncomfortable with a technician coming into your unit for this service because of COVID fears/concerns, you can Opt-Out of/decline the 2020 CC&R required annual HVAC inspection service this year by signing a waiver absolving the Association for any responsibility due to issues that were not discovered during the 2020 inspection (please see HVAC PDF page 3&4). This is not a lifetime opt-out, but a year to year document that can be signed and returned for this year’s service. If you have any questions about the HVAC opt-out process, please reach out to Management to discuss further.

Please select either: OPTION 1 or OPTION 2

OPTION 1 (Homeowner declines service & complete page 3&4 of Opt Out HVAC Maintenance Agreement/Release)

If the unit owner would like to forgo this 2020 Annual Inspection of In-Unit HVAC in light of public health concerns and the risk of transmission/spread of certain infectious diseases, the unit owner may determine not to allow access to the Association’s agents to execute HVAC maintenance obligations. By executing this (page 3 & 4) HVAC Maintenance Agreement/Release (one-time waiver) of the Association’s CC&R required Annual HVAC maintenance obligations, the Owner acknowledges that he/she has determined not to allow access to the Association’s agents for performance of the Association’s maintenance obligations.


OPTION 2 (consent to service & complete page 2 of HVAC PDF)

If you would like the association to complete its 2020 Annual Inspection of In-Unit HVAC, we would appreciate your cooperation and consent to allow entry into your unit to perform the inspection and maintenance. Please sign the second page of the HVAC PDF, acknowledging your receipt of this letter and please return this letter to the front desk as soon as possible. We will reasonably attempt to accommodate schedule conflicts. Your cooperation with gaining access will help keep the project on schedule.

Anticipated Schedule: December 2020
*subject to change, based on actual progress
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7 8 9 10 11
Floors 23-21 Floors 21 (to complete) & 20-18 (partial) Floors 18 (to complete) & 17-16 (partial) Floors 16 (to complete) & 15-13 (partial) Floors 13 (to complete) & 12-10 (partial)
14 15 16 17 18
Floors 10 (to complete) & 9-8 (partial) Floors 8 (to complete) & 7-5 (partial) Floors 5 (to complete) & 4-3 Floor 2 & Townhomes (partial) Townhomes (partial)


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