Owners: Please Complete Bike Survey sent out 9/10/21

Posted By on September 14, 2021

The Board of Directors is seeking feedback from unit owners regarding the Association’s bike rooms, bike storage registration system, and potential options to resolve a long waiting list for the bike room. Currently there are roughly 68 bike rack spaces in the two (2) bike rooms on P1. Each user is allowed to store up to two (2) bikes in one of the bike rooms and some owners have had bikes in these rooms for multiple years. There are also 27 units on the bike room waiting list and most of those units have two (2) bikes (close to 50 bikes need homes). Some of these owners have been on the waiting list for years because there is rarely any turnover of bike spaces. In order to make a plan that serves the bike storage demand, we ask you to complete the survey sent out to all owners on 9/10/21 and comment where applicable. If you have any questions on this, prior to filling out the survey, please reach out to the Management team to discuss further at rpreston@actionlife.com, mcooper@actionlife.com or 619-238-8117. We appreciate your help in providing feedback to the Board of Directors prior to their September 29th meeting. Thank you.


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