Garage Lighting Energy Savings Project

Posted By on October 10, 2022

Recently SDGE came out to the building to complete an audit of the common area power usage in order to provide some recommendations on how the Association can reduce the electric bill and power used on a daily basis. Through this audit, we found out that the garage lights are roughly 40% of the power used in the building every minute, 24 hours each day. Currently, some of the garage lights are on motion sensors, but the other 90% of the garage lights in all three garage levels are on 24/7.

This is a huge portion of the building’s electric usage and an area where the Association can find huge savings if we can reduce the power used to light the garage when no one is down there. As a test and effort to reduce the building power demand, the engineering team will be disconnecting some of the lights and will be putting a majority of the garage lighting on motion sensors. Because of this, you will notice the garage is a lot darker as you enter it, but as you walk through the garage, the pathways will be lit up by the motion sensor lights on the way to your vehicle.

If after this project is completed and the residents feel the garage is too dark, some of the lights can be re-connected and taken off motion sensors. This reduction in power could lower the building’s electric demand by 30-40%, thus lowering the monthly utility bills which have gone up 38%+ over the last year. After the project is completed in each of the garage levels, please reach out to the Management team if you have any feedback regarding the garage lighting being too dark in any particular area.


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