Toilet Flapper & Supply Line Information

Posted By on March 17, 2023

Your toilet can cause major problems, as there are several items that can contribute to issues with your toilet leaking out of the base or inside the bowl causing a tremendous amount of water waste.

Maintenance Issue: From a bad seal ring, worn down flapper, fill valve issues, and supply line connections, all of these issues can cause leaks or a constant flow of water, so pay attention to the signs of failure.

Recommendation: Replace the toilet parts inside the toilet bowl every few years or as needed (you can hear your toilet filling up every few minutes instead of only when you flush the toilet). Flapper failure can lead to a huge amount of water waste that comes out of each unit’s monthly assessments. This will ensure there is a tight seal and water will not run excessively. Replace the old angle stop valve with a newer metal valve to ensure you can shut off the toilet if there are any issues. You will also want to make sure the supply line from the angle stops to your toilet is in good condition as old lines can burst or leak excessively causing damage to your bathroom or neighbor’s ceiling below. 


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