Trash Chute Closure 7/25 – 7/28

Posted By on July 21, 2023

Because of a staffing issue due to illness, the trash chute project was postponed to Tuesday, July 25th from 8:00 a.m. through Friday, July 28 at 12:00 p.m., the trash chute will be closed so that the building’s engineering team can complete the cleaning and restoration of the trash room and the floors can be repainted with epoxy. This restoration will ensure the room is easy to clean and maintain, which will minimize the smell in the room from trash liquid that has been absorbed into the concrete. During this closure, residents will need to take their trash down through the elevators to the P1 garage level and dispose of trash bags into one of the two trash bins located on the North East side of the garage. We understand this closure is inconvenient, however, it is necessary in order to complete this project without any disruption or damage to the newly painted floors. When you need to take out your trash, we recommend calling down to the front desk and asking for the padded service elevator to ensure we limit any trash liquid from spilling on the elevator tile floors. In addition, the Management team will also be placing floor mats in each elevator as a precaution to provide other options for residents to quickly remove trash while protecting the elevator floors. We also recommend that you double bag your trash during this time to reduce any chance of spills in the common area while taking your trash down to the P1 garage level.

Once the trash room floors are completely dry and the trash bins can be placed back under the trash chute, Management will send a notification out to all of the residents indicating the trash chute is back open again. We appreciate your patience and understanding while this improvement takes place and don’t hesitate to reach out to the Management team if you have any follow-up questions or concerns.


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