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Parking Spaces Needed

Do you have a parking space that you do not regularly use? The Association is in need of parking for the Grande North staff. If you have a parking space that you’re willing to loan, that would be greatly appreciated! Please contact Management if you wish to donate a spot at kharnage@actionlife.com or 619-238-8117.

Fire Sprinkler Service

As you know, each individual residential unit at The Grande North has fire sprinklers and fire alarms. It is a state and city requirement (per National Fire Protection Association Code 72 adopted by the City of San Diego) that all alarms and sprinkler systems be inspected and tested on an annual basis.

The Homeowners Association will need access to your unit for approximately 10-15 minutes or less on Tuesday, December 6th, Wednesday, December 7th, and Thursday, December 8th. The work will start at about 8:00 am each day and will begin on the higher floors (39th floor down to the 2nd floor, then all townhomes) and work down from there. To facilitate this process, we appreciate your cooperation and consent.  

Fire testing of the common areas is scheduled for Monday, December 5th, and Friday, December 9th. During this week of testing, you will hear intermittent alarms sounding throughout the building which are a part of the annual testing. Thank you for understanding as we work to maintain your beautiful community.

Kitchen Sink Drain Etiquette and Maintenance

Did you know that Fats, Oils, Grease, Coffee Grinds, Rice, Pasta & other starches should not go down the drain? Moreover, you should use the trash for the disposal of these items. One of the biggest problems a building like The Grande North faces is water damage and one of the most common causes of water damage is kitchen sink backups. The Association is taking proactive steps to ensure the mitigation of as many water losses as possible. These steps include but are not limited to proactive cleaning of the building’s vertical and horizontal plumbing lines and maintenance updates to residents. In addition, please feel free to pass by the front desk to pick up a complimentary kitchen sink strainer to help prevent the sludge build-up in the plumbing drain lines throughout the building. Attached to this information is the building’s water intrusion protocol and information about drain maintenance. We hope you find this information to be beneficial, which will ultimately mitigate building floods.

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